Premier Blackjack

Premier Blackjack

Play Premier Blackjack and get ready for authentic Vegas style card action in the comfort of your own home. Place bets on up to five hands and benefit from split hands and the insurance side bet. As you face of against the virtual dealer, you can enjoy the sweet gentle soundtrack of a jazz piano… hopefully serenading you to victory!

Premier Blackjack Rules

If you have ever played a game of live blackjack or even a virtual game, then you will know how this plays out; all positions with a bet are dealt cards while the dealer is also dealt a card. The objective of the game is to reach the golden 21 number, the best available hand. You can do this by “hitting” - asking the dealer for another card. If you go over 21, the hand is bust and you lose your bet. Once all the hands have been actioned, the dealer draws the second card and any wins are paid out.

Premier Blackjack Special Features

This version of the game is highly customisable, allowing you to essentially create your ideal blackjack experience by changing everything from the design of the table to the types of cards. This game is also one of the few multi hand games that lets you bet on five betting positions for maximum gambling thrills and entertainment. 

Like other good versions of blackjack, this game features the splitting mechanic; if you are dealt a pair, then you can choose to split the pair to form two hands. If you bet on every position available, you could potentially have up to ten hands to bet on (although the chances of that happening are slim to say the least!)

Premier Blackjack Mobile

Want to take the virtual card action on the go? Bring your phone with you! Premier Black is available for smartphones and tablets - simply log in to your SlotsInc account and choose the blackjack game of your choice. Better touch controls, convenient portability and even faster playing speeds are just a couple of the benefits!

Should You Play Premier Blackjack?

If you’re looking for a genuinely premium online blackjack experience but don’t want the hassle or interactivity of live casino, then we compel you to try this highly entertaining virtual blackjack game. It’s simply one of the best Microgaming card games available on the market and an example of virtual card perfection.

Key Features