Monitor your marketing channels at scale

Our trusted scanning technology helps you monitor your marketing channels automatically and at scale. Ensure messaging is accurate, up-to-date and compliant. 


Scan on demand
Find what you need
Lightning Fast
Scan millions of pages
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Monitor at scale
99.9% uptime

Trusted by 100+ leading brands


Our clients use Rightlander to help deliver consistently accurate and compliant marketing messages.  When your marketing is in-house control is easy. As soon as you scale you need to check partner marketing to deliver consisent customer messaging.  Rightlander's scanners process large data sets quickly allowing you to find specific types of content, analyse brand exposure, and find new marketing opportunities. 

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Our clients use Rightlander as a work bench to alert their partners. Check your partners are using accurate descriptions, correct terms & conditions, and current pricing.

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New Opportunities

We can help you find new opportunities and automate your competitor analysis to help you improve brand placement. Our clients use us to see which partners they should be working with and where their content is relative to their competitors.

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We can provide you with tools to efficiently report and remove any infringing content. 

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API Solutions

Our integration APIs allow affiliate networks and performance marketing platforms to plug in a range of Rightlander's content discovery and monitoring solutions to help merchants and agents evaluate publisher suitability, monitor content and gather insights on their brands and products or those of competitors.  The Rightlander Partner Platform enables your teams with quick access to this real-time monitoring data without the need for an integration while custom delivery solutions can be provided to interact with your internal workflow processes.


Here’s what people say about us...

We take compliance and responsible gaming incredibly seriously at Comeon Group. The Rightlander tool is very easy to use, providing automated reports to ensure that our affiliate partners work with us in a compliant manner and is key to a successful affiliate program. The Rightlander team is very supportive, helpful and a joy to work with.

Katie Stafford

Head of Affiliates, Comeon

Ensuring regulatory compliance and responsible affiliate marketing practices are vitally important focuses for Income Access and the wider iGaming industry.

Sarafina Wolde Gabriel

Vice President Strategy, Income Access

Mobinc is delighted to be partnered with Rightlander to ensure our brands are being promoted safely and responsibly. Rightlander’s software performs a key role in maintaining oversight of our online presence, enabling us to relay this information quickly and easily with our partners

Alex Bolton

Marketing Compliance Manager, MobInc

Kindred Group puts responsible gambling and sustainability at the very core of our business. The Rightlander technology provides automated reporting that allows the Kindred affiliates team to quickly identify where and how our brands are being promoted, ensuring that all partners are aligned in their marketing approach.

Ryan Henderon

Head of Affiliates, Kindred Group